28 October 2017
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Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin) the 2013 anime was adapted from the eponymous manga, created by Hajime Isayama. The series began in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine on September 9, 2009 and has been collected into 17 tankoban volumes as...
28 October 2017
Anime & Manga
Mushishi is the title of an anime that I watched sometime ago.The anime is derived from the eponymous manga by Yuki Urushibara. This transporting story has spawned two anime series and a live-action movie.Mushishi occupies an imaginary timeline set s...
28 October 2017
Anime & Manga
Red Data Girl is the brain child of Noriko Ogiwara. The fantasy novel series was adapted into an anime which aired from April through June of 2013.As the story goes, Izumiko Suzuhara is a 15-year-old girl who was raised at Tamakura Shrine, part of th...
27 October 2017
Genesis Science Fiction Magazine touts itself as the conduit for unapologetic Black expression, and rightfully so. Genesis Science Fiction Magazine highlights, celebrates, and develops science fiction, speculative fiction, sword and soul, fantasy, ho...


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Becoming: Selected Short Works
Space-faring vampires and gravediggers colonize the stars while sea monsters, killer gynoids, spy androids, and mad cities inhabit the earth. Sometimes, a bug isn't just a bug. The loudest voice is the one you can't hear. A hapless traveler encounters a devious monster in the backwoods. A primitive monster brings an urban nightmare to life. Two mediums wrestle with their gifts and an earthbound deity haunts a distant future witch. These and other stories...
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Aliens are invading Earth, and dreams are their greatest weapon.

On Trebor, life revolves around one core principle: obey your gods or die. For these gods, Roxal uses her dream travel ability to manipulate an Earth woman to do their bidding. Even though Roxal knows her gods are false, to survive, Roxal pretends she is still loyal.

But now her false gods are hunting and executing non-believers. And Roxal fears she is next. Pretending is no longer safe, so Roxal must discover a new way to survive.

Can Roxal overcome the fear that she is already dead in time to find a way to live?
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The Hero We Deserved: A Rimworld Spoof
A colony of castaways on a lonely planet are joined by Jonny "Ballz" Espoto. A pro gamer, he is barely capable of anything the colony needs. Can he become the human hero they need him to be, in their darkest hours? Or will his lazy tendencies, dude-bro attitude and chemical habits doom them all to the vast enemies on the planet? 
Writer note: some swearing, lots of death, no...y'know... 

Free to read on Wattpad.
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Film School Slasher
The camera won't hear your killer scream!
An 8 chapter horror story, free at Wattpad!
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The Darfur 3 Saga Tie in: The Cobalt Princess
Spin-in/Tie-in novel to The Darfur 3 Saga! A 'choose your own path' style adventure!

Pilli-nina, a teenage girl from a tiny village is forced to marry against her will. She runs away and meets Master Clyde Irons, a superhuman from planet Earth. She begs him to take her to Earth. He agrees... for a price: become a superhuman agent and fight in the War on Terror, or save people in need. You, the reader, will choose her fate.
After two years of fighting terrorists and natural disasters, she wants to go home. Her superhuman friends join her on the trip to planet Ernatho. Arriving home, calamity has struck her village. Her team of battle-hardened superhumans must find and stop the menacing threat stalking her country, before it destroys them all.
But, Master Clyde has other plans for her and her homeworld.
A science fiction versus fantasy adventure from the mind that brought you Super Humanity and Film School Slasher.
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The Darfur 3 Saga Book 1: Super Humanity
A schism between 2 great superheroes on the battlefield of Tora Bora leads to superhumans fighting in the wars over Darfur & South Sudan. Now it is the year 2012, and the young heroes of that war face their greatest challenge yet: going to America for hero training. Are they ready for America? Is America ready for them? Will they become the heroes America and Darfur need them to be?
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Over 150 people took up the challenge to Write Like You're Alive - to create at least 20 new pieces of work during the month of July. By July 31, sixty-three authors and artists had staggered across the finish line. This is the product of their wild month of creativity.
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Bex Atria is many things. Violent. Human. Mercenary. She is one of two billion sapient beings living aboard Hegira, a wandering world of horror and boundless beauty. Bex has lived in the slums of Hegira all her life. She's done it all. She's seen it all. Nothing can surprise her. Sumida is everything Bex isn't. She is soft-spoken. Inhuman. Sheltered. She's about to turn Bex's world upside down.
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Sea Witch Song
Tarah Jackson died at sea. At Tarah’s wake, a drunken fisherman claims that Tarah was killed by a monster from the deep. Late that night, while the fishermen who witnessed Tarah’s death drink and wrestle with memories of the monstrous encounter about which they dare not speak, Tarah's grieving lover, Uma takes a bottle of rum and her fiddle to the sea. There Uma plays a song raw with grief. She lets the tears fall free. She drinks from the bottle, cries out the heavens, and curses the sea. Along comes a monster from the deep.
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The Last Archangel
Alys is in love and she is one woman who won't let a little thing like being an archangel--the mechanized pilot of an experimental starship--get in the way of romance. At the end of a routine mission, Alys picks up a distress signal from another ship. Little does Alys know, this signal heralds the end of her kind.
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Sweet Belladonna
Sofie Tenna's blood contract with the legendary vampire, Andromeda Five, goes awry. Sofie  offers up her blood to the space-faring vampire in exchange for passage across the galaxy. When the legendary immortal's starship comes under fire, Sofie gets far more than she bargained for.
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Laila is a starchaser, one of the last members a dying race. She's traveled a long way, on a mission to save her home, a leviathan ship named Hegira. Laila sets out across the galaxies alone, in search of the ultimate trump card to help her to wrest control of the leviathan ship, Hegira from those who would seek to steal her ancient birthright. Laila’s pride and passion war with love, fear and her inferiority complex caused by her luminous rival and soul twin, Sumida.
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Kingdom of Lethe
A new case drags a detective into the strange and wondrous world of a woman who claims her beautiful memories have been stolen.
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Sci-Fi Women Interview: The 2015 Collection
This eBook includes all 2015 monthly features from Natacha Guyot's blog series "Sci-Fi Women Interviews", which celebrates women who create, write, enjoy Science Fiction.
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  • The Head
    Written by
    The Head

    Penny, the new kid on the block, stood in front of an old, rickety house along with two new-found friends.

    She swallowed hard as she stepped up to the front door.

    “Don’t be a scaredy cat and go in!” Darla called out.

    Inside the dank-smelling entryway, cobwebs littered every nook and cranny.  Dark and not a living soul present as the young girl walked down a hallway.

    A movement on her right caused Penny to pause.

    On the long, narrow table sat a huge glass platter with a steel cover.

    The cover rattled ever so slightly.

    Written on Wednesday, 01 November 2017 14:44 in Flash Fiction Be the first to comment! Read 208 times Read more...
  • Twilight
    Written by

    Gray clouds hung low in the colorless sky as he watched a group of teenagers clambered down the street littered with rusted and mangled vehicular bodies.   Houses on both sides of the disintegrating asphalt stood in various wretched shapes.   Woods warped.  Windows smashed or missing. Vinyl sidings bent like painful hang-nails.

    Like Rome, another giant had fallen.  

    Written on Saturday, 28 October 2017 11:06 in Flash Fiction Be the first to comment! Read 200 times Read more...
  • The Pocket Watch
    Written by
    The Pocket Watch

    Rob gripped the steering wheel as he watched a brown leaf roll across the gray hood. His haggard face covered with salt and pepper beard helped conceal the white scar across his right cheek. He stared ahead as he half-listened to the car radio.

    “The President is expected to address the nation tonight for the final time.” The radio garbled. “Before leaving with his family to an undisclosed location.”

    He leaned over and changed the stations.

    Written on Friday, 27 October 2017 12:24 in Flash Fiction Be the first to comment! Read 278 times Read more...